About Us

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Our wines are made exclusively from 100% Napa Valley grapes grown in our small, family-owned vineyard located in the cooler end of the valley, between Napa and Yountville in the Oak Knoll district.  The land is on the edge of an alluvial fan, with deep and somewhat rocky soils.

The wines have a clean, fruity style clearly reflecting their origin.  All of our wines are gently hand-crafted and made in small quantities.  A combination of new and used French oak is used to subtly enhance structure, color, and flavors. Timothy Milos is our extraordinarily talented winemaker.  We help make the wines under his direction and with the assistance of a small band of friends – the Harvest Heroes.

Our single-vineyard wines are offered under our Sedna label.  Sedna is the subject of a creation story among the Inuit, the native people of far northern Canada.  She represents all of the creatures of the sea and therefore, food itself.  If you would like to read a version of her story,  click here.  In 2004, astronomers named a newly discovered planetoid in honor of Sedna. It is the most distant known object in our solar system, some 8 billion miles from earth!